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Marietta Wood Fence

When you drive around Marietta’s residential areas, you will see that many of them use wood fences to mark and secure their homes and families. They come in various sizes and styles to match the house’s style and offer a very classic and sophisticated touch to the area.

decorative wood privacy fence

Unfortunately, wood is naturally susceptible to damage as time passes by. Some insects, especially termites, can eat up to the core of the fences and cause them to lose their durability. It is also susceptible to warping, which can affect the overall design of the fence.

If you want a trusted Marietta fence company to help you with your wood fences, you can reach out to Out of the Park Fence Company. Our team specializes in providing plenty of Marietta wood fence options to homeowners who want premium-quality wood fences for their spaces. We use the best wood materials cured with wood preservatives and kiln-dried and treated to protect them from damage. Our team also ensures that the wood fences match your style and keep them affordable.

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Wood Fencing Options

Before you get our Marietta wood fence service, you need to know what kind of wood fencing options are available for your needs.

Each wood fencing option caters to a specific need, and we understand that you need to know these options before you get them installed in your space.

We offer the following wood fencing options for our clients:

Privacy Fence

custom wood privacy fenceFences often help homeowners and business owners keep their space secure and private. Homeowners, in particular, want to remove any unwanted or unwelcome attention from their property and keep the noise out.

You can achieve these goals with privacy fences since they come in various options and stand six to eight feet high. This ensures that your property is hidden from view and no one can peek through the gaps.

Picket Fence

Picket fences are perfect for homeowners who want to give their homes a vintage appeal through their fences.

They usually stand from three to four feet and come with spaced pickets.

Although they are often selected for the visual aesthetic, picket fences do have pointed tops to prevent intruders from scaling the fence.

Rail Fence

wood rail livestock fenceRail fences are the fences to choose if you want to indicate your location’s boundaries and keep livestock in the property if you have them installed in a farm or garden. Rail fences are spaced so that they won’t hide the view from the homeowner or business owner.

Most rail fences available at Out of the Park Fence Company come with a countryside design to provide a rustic feel to the space where they will be installed.

Custom Wood Fences

decorative wood fencingIf homeowners want something unique for their wood fences, custom fences can be requested. At Out of the Park Fence Company, we can make custom fences from any wood material you want to make the design you envision.

We make sure that the wood we use can withstand Georgia’s climate and won’t require a lot of maintenance to preserve. Apart from that, we guarantee that your custom wood fences will be built to fit your curb appearance and house exterior.

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Full-Service Wood Fence Company

custom wood fencing company

Picking the best wood fence for any space can be stressful if you don’t know where to start. But, if you reach out to us, we can reduce that stress and make your choice as simple as possible.

Our team of experts will directly work with you to keep the fencing process simple, and we will use all the information you give us to recommend the best fencing solution for your needs. We can also show you samples of wood fences that we can use for your space, as well as what materials may achieve the style you are looking for.

Once you select the wood material or fence style you want, our team will manufacture it and get all the permits needed to get them installed. When it is ready for installation, our expert installers will go to your space and have them placed perfectly in your location. We also offer support services to keep them maintained or repaired when needed.

Let’s Talk Now- Free Consultation

Marietta Wood Fence otp fence logo 550 x 550 px e1642548015959 300x224Wood fences give a different appeal to any space where they are installed, and for years, this type has been one of the best fences to use to keep you and your family safe in your home. Also, your home’s curb appeal will be enhanced through these wood fences. Because of this appeal, we at Out of the Park Fence Company make it our point to ensure that every Marietta wood fence project we do only uses the best wood materials to keep our clients happy and safe once their requested fences are installed.

From start to finish, our team will ensure that you are satisfied with our work and you can trust us for your fencing needs in the future.

Call Out of the Park Fence Company at (678) 582-2370 for your Free Consultation with a Wood Fence Specialist!