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Dallas Commercial Fencing

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For some businesses, especially those with large facilities and open spaces, it is important that their commercial property is protected in every way. It is a huge investment for the business, and it is also where they conduct their business, as well as keep their products and equipment away from prying eyes.

If there is no protection on the property, it is very easy for competition to see your operations and call in intruders, who may steal your products and equipment. When these situations occur, it can be very hard to recover, especially if the products and equipment taken from your property are very expensive and difficult to replace.

Out of the Park Fence Company offers high-quality Dallas commercial fencing services to clients who wish to protect their commercial property with fences that will provide them with the security they need while making their property more eye-catching for potential clients. Our Dallas, GA fence company can do commercial fencing projects for small to large premises, as well as unique spaces with a different land area. Simply let us know what your property is like, and we’ll look into the commercial fencing options that can fit your space.

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Types of Commercial Fences

Every business is different when it comes to the type of commercial fences they can use for their property. Each fence type also comes with its pros and cons, which is why it may not suit a particular property.

Coated chain link fence

Commercial fences come in the following varieties:

  • Chain link fences – these fences are often selected for properties that require high security. They are often towering fences, standing at 6 feet or higher, and they come with a 9-gauge framework to offer the security the property needs.
  • Ornamental fences – If you want a fence that provides both style and security, these are the fences you should consider. These fences can be made as tall as 6 feet or over and designed to suit your style options.
  • Welded steel fences – To make these fences, steel is welded to one another in order to blend well to the property and offer the security it needs. The only downside to welded steel fences is the fact that it requires constant maintenance because it is prone to rust. Constant brushing is needed to maintain the appearance of these fences and keep them strong.
  • Assembled component fencing – this type of fence utilizes machine-punched galvanized steel coated with G-60 zinc and polyester to make the fences. The coating provides the fence with stronger resistance to rust. To build the fence, it is assembled with sections, and steel is bolted in place with the help of rods and rivets.
  • Aluminum ornamental fencing – Similar to assembled component fencing, a machine is used to create its aluminum components, and it is coated with a special powdered coating to protect it from corrosion. Screws and rivets are used to bolt it together. These fencings are located mostly in coastal areas or in facilities where corrosive chemicals are often used.
  • Privacy wood fences – These fences are often used by businesses located near or in residential areas. There is a wide variety of wood that can be used for these fences, and it is ideal to pick one that doesn’t rot easily.

There are other commercial fences available in the market that aren’t in this list, but our Dallas commercial fencing team can also look into them for your commercial property. Out of the Park Fence Company will provide you with expert advice to determine which commercial fence is perfect for your property and get it installed in no time at all.

Why Should I Fence My Commercial Property?

If you own a commercial property, it is important that you invest in high-quality commercial fencing to protect it from any threats.

Dallas Commercial Fencing Galveston Smooth Vinyl Lattice White 760x382 300x151It also covers your property from your competition and those who wish to find out more about your operation and trade secrets. These fences will also help you make your property more appealing and strengthen the image that you are a professional company.

Your custom Dallas commercial fencing from us can also serve as a guide for people to see the entire perimeter of your property. With the fences installed, it indicates to people that the property is private and no one should trespass.

There are other great benefits to having commercial fences on your property, and our team at Out of the Park Fence Company can help you out in picking the best fences for your property.

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Dallas Commercial Fencing ootp logoWith Out of the Park Fence Company as your commercial fencing company, you can be assured that the fencing you will pick and get us to install for you is the perfect one for your property. We take pride in ensuring our client’s preferences are covered when we install the best type of fences on the property and ensure it is done perfectly so it lasts for a long time.

Our team will be with you from start to finish, from picking the best type of commercial fencing, getting it made, to installing the fences to the property. This allows us to let you see how these fences work for your property.

Let us know what you are looking for, and we’ll recommend the best fence options for your commercial property.

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